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Taraji P. Henson and Keegan-Michael Key Join 'The Simpsons' First-Ever Hourlong Episode

The special episode will debut in January 2017. ... Read More... //

The Simpsons to Air First One Hour Episode in 2017

The Simpsons will air its first one-hour episode during its upcoming 28th Season, Fox announced Monday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. In the one-hour The Great Phatsby, airing in Jan. 2017 and featuring Taraji P. Henson and Keegan-Michael Keyas guest voices, Mr. Burns ( Harry Shearer ) tries to relive his glory days, and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul. After being conned and reduced to bankruptcy, Mr. Burns seeks revenge on the music producer with the help of Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James (Key) and the moguls ex-wife, Praline (Henson) in a spoof of Hensons Empire role.  Read More... //

The Simpsons takes on Trump with a Hitler gag

The Simpsons is taking aim at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump clowning with his hair, spray tan, temperament and tiny hands. A two-minute bit on the animated Fox shows YouTube channel shows Homer and Marge Simpson canoodling in bed before the perpetually worried wife expresses her concerns about the 2016 presidential race. She flips... ...  Read More... //

Homer Simpson to vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump

So says Marge in a new 'Simpsons' short ....Read More... //

'Simpsons' unveil 600th episode clip featuring Bart as James Bond

...which will be Treehouse of Horror XXVII, airing Oct. 16...   Read More... //

Homer Simpson Ignores His Kids to Play Pokemon Go (Video)

Perhaps this Pokemon Go craze has go(ne) too far. Even Homer Simpson is in on the insanity. In a clip released by Fox, Homer is seen catching em all instead of paying attention to his children at the zoo. That obsession eventually leads to Bart possibly getting mauled by a lion.  Read More... //

'The Simpsons' spoofs the 'Alien' franchise: A brief history

On the 37th anniversary of "Alien's" theatrical release, HitFix charts "The Simpsons'" long history of spoofing films in the sci-fi/horror franchise.   Read More... //

'The Simpsons' finale: See a couch gag inspired by Ikea

The season finale of The Simpsons airs on Sunday, and this one comes with a set of instructions. The episodes opening couch gag which was created by Polish animator Michal Socha (who created this immersive couch gag from season 25) comes in the form of an Ikea-like manual, which semi-...   Read More... //

'The Simpsons': What did you think of Homer's live Q&A?

On Sunday nights episode of The Simpsons, Homer botcheda speech at work, deep-sixing his self-confidence, sohe signed up for an improv to class to build it back up. But Homer really got a chance to try out his new skillset at the end of the episode. Thanks to motion-capture technology,...   Read More... //

Simpsons Live: Homer Disses Drake, Plugs Empire

Homer Simpson ( Dan Castellaneta ) answered fan questions live Sunday nighton Fox, a brief and pretty good improv segment somewhat plagued byphone-related awkwardness. The three-minute skitstarted with the animated patriarch pranking viewers, claimingthis would be the last episode of The Simpsons.'Then he said what we all know to actually be true this 27-year-old series is never going off the air. Next, Castellaneta proved the segment was actually live by dissing rapper Drake with a topical jab.  Read More... //