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'The Whispers' recap: 'Game Over'

Drill burns. Wes saves. The aliens arrive -- and don't come in peace.   Read More... //

The Whispers Season 1 Finale Review: Think of the Children!

Drill made one last move to put the aliens' plan into motion, and we will probably never find out what it all meant.   Read More... //

'The Whispers' Season 1 Finale Recap: Is Drill Stopped Once and for All?

It's season 1 finale wrap-up time and The Whispers has a bunch of things to wrap up without much time to do it. Drill's signal boomed out loud and clear through the mouth of Cassandra and the airwaves of live television. His signal to his fellow aliens was sent. Now it's up to Wes, Claire and the team to stop an alien invasion and, most important, save their children.   The creepy-meter is upped in the finale, titled "Game Over," as The Whispers ends things with all the children doing bad things, Drill going kaboom and random adults following Drill's commands like he's got some special Kool-Aid. And that's all in the first 30 minutes.   Read More... //

'The Whispers' Recap: Which Child Does Drill Control?

The latest episode of The Whispers offers up a parent's worst nightmare. Your child is accused of something so horrible, there's no coming back from it. Wes faces this reality in this episode, "Traveller in the Dark," as his daughter is accused of being Drill and he reacts as any dad would -- embark on a mission to save his child at any cost. His efforts are mostly in vain as every sign and every kid finger points to the unsympathetic Minx with an equally unsympathetic President ready to make those hard choices he failed to make in the past.   Read More... //

'The Whispers' Recap: Can a Quarantine Help Save the Children?

Lena really is dead. And Wes is really going off the deep end. This episode of The Whispers opens with sad, sad music and Wes looking tragically alone even though he's surrounded by mourners after Lena's funeral. The sad morphs into creepy as a strange discovery is made about all the Drill children. "Homesick" shows how fear and panic can lead the grown-ups to make some not-so-smart decisions in their effort to fight an alien who seems a little indestructible.   Read More... //

'The Whispers' recap: 'Homesick'

When the children who 'played' with Drill get sick, Wes quarantines themto disastrous results.   Read More... //

'The Whispers' recap: 'Darkest Fears'

Wes vows to look for Drill, to find Drill, and to kill Drill... until Drill decides to do the same.   Read More... //

'The Whispers' Recap: Drill Claims Another Victim

The Whispers continues its fast-paced storytelling with the focus on the grown-ups and their plot to kill Drill in "Darkest Fears." Note to our main players -- you better make darn sure to succeed in your seek-and-destroy plan because there's nothing like the wrath of an alien scorned. The possession storyline also continues in this one as a new child comes to the forefront in Drill's playground.   Read More... //

'The Whispers' recap: 'Broken Child'

Sean reunites with Dr. Benavidez to protect Thomas from Drill while the other adults trace Thomas' past to uncover his secret.   Read More... //

'The Whispers' Recap: The Race to Kill Drill is On

The Whispers answers more questions in "Broken Child," showing us the backstory of Thomas, revealing a Drill vulnerability, adding more creepy kids to the mix and giving us a phobia of paper plates. This one is a fast-paced, scary, music-filled episode with a satisfying ending that gives us hope that Drill can be stopped. But at what price?   Read More... //