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messed up

can someone on sidereel like fix few episodes on season4 cuzz u guys swap some episodes together and its really frustrating

A Cross of the X-files and The Librarian

I like this new series. It's definitely a cross between X-files, the pair of them getting shipped off to the back of beyond as far as their career goes; and the Librarian. My first instinct was to say Indiana Jones, but it just doesn't have that big budget feel. It feels more like the made for TV movies about the Librarian. However, one feature it does have with Indiana Jones is the giant mega warehouse where everything goes to be stored for ever and ever until they can research it, destroy it, or use it. Of course that same warehouse is in Stargate too. I suppose it was only a matter of time before we got to see a show about the warehouse itself. It also reminded me of Bones. The male is a rather stupider version of him, no offense to the actor that's just how the character comes off to me. The female lead (Micah) feels like a cop version of Bones with the way she notices detail and wants to stick to a very narrow plan. Did anyone else get this feeling or is it just me? Last, but not least, I would like to address the technology introduced in the warehouse, and the standard issue for its agents. It's very steampunk, which I think is a good thing. The car, the keyboard, a lot of Artie's computer set up. There's also the videophones in black and white beneath bubbles, and Nickola Tesla's stun gun. Yeah, definitely steam punk, and I'm glad to see something come out of the upsurge in steam punk.

The Fringe Files: Is Fringe Too Close to The X-Files?

When Fringe premiered last fall, many critics likened it to The X-Files , mostly because both shows dealt with paranormal phenomenon and featured a male-female partnership. As Fringe has progressed, it has developed a tone that's more J.J. Abrams than Chris Carter. But, the similarities in the two series' storylines are starting to pile up. See if you agree with our list: * On Fringe, Olivia is kidnapped and experimented on by government baddies. * On TXF, Scully is kidnapped and experimented on by government baddies. * On Fringe, a machine disturbs matter, causing solid objects to move through other solid objects. But, when it goes wrong, a man gets stuck - alive - half inside and half outside a wall. * On TXF, a warp in the space time continuum causes a man to become trapped - alive - half inside and half outside a rock. * On Fringe, a strange condition causes people's heads to explode. * On TXF, a strange frequency causes an inner-ear disturbance that causes people's heads to explode. * On Fringe, subliminal messages hypnotize computer users, liquefying their brains. * On TXF, subliminal messages on TV hypnotize people and cause psychosis and murderous impulses. * On Fringe, a virus gestates into a creepy-crawly-slimy thing that violently exits the bodies of those infected. * On TXF, an alien virus gestates into a creepy-crawly-slimy alien thing that violently exits the bodies of those infected. * On Fringe, a mysterious substance kills people by closing off their orifices - making them look featureless. * On TXF, self-mutilated, faceless aliens (with their orifices closed off) kill people involved in the abduction conspiracy. Do you agree with our assessment? Do you think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Source here

Investigations Into The Abnormal-A Theme For The New Fall Season

With all the new shows being introduced this season, a number of networks have chosen to air shows based on the paranormal. FOX's 'Fringe' and CBS's 'Eleventh Hour' stand out with their 'X-File'-like encounters. Though all the shows differ in ways, the strange discoveries and sometimes even stranger outcomes remain the premise for all three. If you're a fan of either I urge you to watch a new series which just debuted this fall, 'Sanctuary'. As expected with a 'Sci Fi' original, they go ahead and take the leap of faith into the abnormal and reintroduce some old concepts with a new spin and good effects. The storylines and characters are interesting and more importantly, believable. In that, I want to believe kinda way... Check it out Fridays at 10 on Sci Fi!

The X-files!!

Fox Mulder causes an unexplained phenomenon in my pants! I'd better investigate....


Whenever I click watch movie part one for any episode it goes to a different tab and flashes saying its loading and flashing saying enter this image to watch the movie. is it because im using a macbook?


Its a mess!


I heard about the movie also and it is supposed to be a monster of the week kinda movie I can't wait! Also I can't get any of these link to wok except the rotten potatoes one. Help! Please I love The X-Files my favorite show

The X-files

This is a wonderful show that caters to almost any type of person, whether you like Sci-fi, Drama action or just an interesting relationship between the two leads, this is a show definitely worth checking out. Several episodes I would recommend are Bad Blood, Small Potatoes, and Ice.

Great Series

If you love Sci-fi with Drama and a little Action mixed in then you'll love The X-Files. I have watched this series since I can remember and I still love it today. I don't have a favorite Episode as they all are Very good in their own way.