ThunderAnt Episode Guide

ThunderAnt is the comedy side-project of Saturday Night Live cast member, Fred Armisen, and musician Carrie Brownstein. Fred began his career in entertainment as a punk drummer. In the 90â??s, he played with Trenchmouth and toured with Those Bastard Souls. Carrie Brownstein played guitar in the Portland trio Sleater-Kinney from the early 90â??s unti...

Episode Guide

13 episodes

  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes
    • s1e14Feminist Bookstore W Andy Samberg
    • s1e13Feminist Bookstore W St. Vincent
    • s1e11Closed
    • s1e10Sitting Outside of Greg Danzig
    • s1e9Pet Haven
    • s1e8Film Club Ep. 1
    • s1e7One Man Show
    • s1e6Katchenza
    • s1e5The Perfect Song
    • s1e4Feminist Bookstore
    • s1e3This Is Nice
    • s1e2Bicycle Rights
    • s1e1BOINK!