To Love-Ru
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To Love-Ru

"A Space Entertainer"

Date Aired: Jun 05, 2008 (Japan)

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Stella, the president of Lala's fanclub, comes to take Lala away for an idol CD debut, but Lala refuses because she enjoys Earth and wants to be with Rito. Stella blames Rito for creating this issue and demands Rito to find her a 'golden egg' to substitute Lala. Rito tries to stop her when the president fixates on Haruna being the golden egg. After stopping Stella's attempts at kidnapping Haruna, Rito proposes to discuss a better solution. Later that night, Mikan offers to be a substitute, giving Stella an idea of having Mikan, Rito, and Lala as a trio. When all seems to go well, Stella is forced to return quickly when an audit reveals that her fanclub evaded tax payments.
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