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"Golden Darkness"

Date Aired: Jun 12, 2008 (Japan)

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'Golden Darkness', an assassin, comes to earth to kill Rito according to her client. Rito meets her and offers a Taiyaki. Golden Darkness identifies Rito and attacks Rito rapidly. Zastin comes to the rescue, but fails. Lala fights as well, making Golden Darkness question about the facts she has about Rito. Lala tries to correct Golden Darkness, but Lacospo arrives, revealing him as the client. His intent was to have Golden Darkness kill Rito so that he could propose to Lala. Lala tells Golden Darkness not to be deceived by Lacospo, but Lacospo fights back with a large alien frog. Lala and Rito defeat the frog, but Golden Darkness will still consider Rito as her target.
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