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Could Jeremy Clarkson Return to Top Gear?

Could Jeremy Clarkson return as host of BBCs Top Gear just one year after he was fired for punching a producer ? What had once seemed unthinkable now looks like a possibility. Former BBC boss Mark Thompson this week told Britains Sunday Times Magazine said kicking Clarkson out at the curb was a mistake . And the shows been on the downslide since Clarksons departure without an emergency brake. Ratings have tanked, with the recent seasons finale pulling in a mere 1.9 million viewers in the U.K. Last season, the Clarkson-led program averaged 6.49 million viewers per episode.   Read More... //

Matt LeBlanc on Returning to Network TV: "I Wanted to Work More"

The former 'Friends' and 'Episodes' star says he'd also like to keep doing 'Top Gear,' but there's no word from the BBC about his involvement on the show....   Read More... //

Matt LeBlanc on Returning to Top Gear': I Dont Know Call the BBC

Matt LeBlanc isnt too sure about his future on Top Gear. The former Friends star was asked whether he would return as a cohost on the popular British car show, which got a makeover after the departure of scandal-plagued Jeremy Clarkson, who was accused of physically abusing a producer on the show. I dont know call the BBC, LeBlanc told reporters Wednesday at the Television Critics Association TV press tour in Beverly Hills, after he was asked whether he would be back.   Read More... //

Ex-Top Gear Host Chris Evans Wont Be Charged Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Chris Evans might be out of a gig at Top Gear, but at least he doesnt have criminal charges hanging over his head. Police have closed their investigation into allegations of sexual assault leveled against Evans, after they found insufficient evidence to proceed, the BBC reports. Evans was under investigation for incidents that allegedly occurred in the 1990s. According to reports, Evans was accused of exposing himself to a female colleague nearly every day for two years. ...  Read More... //

Matt LeBlanc and 'Top Gear' Were "Made for Each Other"

Outgoing host Chris Evans praises the former 'Friends' star, who looks set to take the solo helm of the BBC's motoring show.   Read More... //

Pooowerrrrr to Him: Matt LeBlanc Will Reportedly Host Top Gear Solo

Take a Power Lap in a Pagani Huayra to celebrate. ...  Read More... //

'Top Gear': What's Next For the BBC's Flagship Motoring Show?

With host Chris Evans having thrown in the towel after just one season following disappointing ratings and a seemingly endless media assault, how can the BBC get its stalled car show back on track?   Read More... //

Top Gear Host Chris Evans Under Investigation for Sexual Assault

British police are investigating allegations of sexual assault against TV personality Chris Evans , who stepped down on Monday as the host of BBCs car-themed series Top Gear. Evans, who will continue to host a morning radio program for the national broadcaster, will likely be interviewed for what authorities called an allegation of non-recent sexual assault filed in May, according to reports. Evans was not identified by name in the initial police statement.   Read More... //

Chris Evans Quits Top Gear After One Season Of Revamped BBC Show

July 4 may not be a holiday in the UK, but Chris Evans has just declared his independence from motoring show Top Gear . The host, whose rebooted version of the BBC Two series replaced the previous iteration led by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, tweeted that he was stepping down this afternoon: Stepping down from Top Gear. Gave it my best shot but sometimes that's not enough.  Read More... //

Matt LeBlanc Is Threatening To Quit 'Top Gear' If Chris Evans Isn't Fired - Yahoo! TV

It doesn’t pay to be rude, people. That’s what Top Gear 's Chris Evans is about to learn should co-host Matt LeBlanc get his way. According to emerging reports, LeBlanc is threatening to hightail it out of one of BBC’s most popular properties should the show fail to sack co-host Chris Evans in the near future. Behind-the-scenes sources say that Evans is "tyrannical" and difficult to film with on a day-to-day basis. Which sounds like such a magnificent work environment to be a part of, to be sure. Read the full article at Yahoo! TV .