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'Top Gear' Is Coming to America: The Hosts Preview History Channel's New Car Show

'Top Gear' is finally ready to drive across America. The American version of 'Top Gear' debuts Sun., Nov. 21 at 9PM on The History Channel, after five years of development at different networks. Trying to sell a car show in America may seem like a no-brainer, but the show has a lot to live up to in its British counterpart, which is immensely popular in the UK (a 'Top Gear' festival kicks off in Dublin at the end of the month) and on BBC America. It's such a big phenomenon that '60 Minutes' covered the British show last month. American television networks have long wanted to bring the format stateside, but unfortunately, attempts by both the Discovery Channel and NBC failed. Finally, the History Channel picked it up. But Top Gear' fans were skeptical about creating an American version at all. One famous fan, Jay Leno, even wrote an editorial titled "I Hope We Don't Ruin 'Top Gear,'" worrying that it wouldn't be as critical and useful with its car reviews. To Read More Click Here.