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TRANSform ME, please!

After seeing only the first episode so far, I am in love with this show. I thought it would be campy, cliched, and a little redundant, as the premise has been recycled again and again but, never in this exact context. I love the fact that the host, LaVerne, and her team, Jaime and Nina, are trans gendered women. It's nice to see hosts that actually have a clue about what it feels like to not be alright with themselves and want to share their stories and help people gain the confidence that they deserve. I am and was born a woman, but the things that LaVerne was saying about feeling different on the inside from what others see on the outside hit a little home for me. Just like Nicole from the first episode, I have also lost a LOT of weight and up until recently was still wearing clothes that were way to big for me. I was fortunate enough to have my own support system at home and I gained the confidence to match not only my new body but my new life. I can only hope that this show will last long enough for everyone to feel that too.