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Transparent Recap: I Had a Secret

This season is finally putting it all out in the open.   ...Read More...

Transparent Recap: When Do We Ride Into Jerusalem?

If nothing else, the Pfeffermans can always agree on Jesus Christ Superstar.   ...Read More...

Transparent Recap: We'll Figure It Out

This show really knows how to nail a flashback sequence.   ...Read More...

Transparent Recap: Imagine If I'd Known

Judith Light deserves all of the giant hoagies.   ...Read More... //

Transparent Recap: This Is Caring

Ali and Maura are off to Israel.   ...Read More... //

Transparent Recap: The Fork Fork

Never say Transparent doesnt have a wry sense of humor.   ...Read More... //

Transparent Takes a Mostly Worthwhile Trip in Season 4

The Pfeffermans go to Israel. So do all of their problems.   ...Read More... //

Transparent Season-Premiere Recap: Looking Up, Looking In

The Pfeffermans return to comfortable and familiar traditions.   ...Read More... //

Transparent Review: A Trip to Israel Cant Change This Family

Four seasons in, Transparent feels more like itself than ever before. The show about the search for identity has resisted all easy genre labels and found the flexibility to be free in its storytelling. Season 4, premiering Friday on Amazon, is both the busiest and most engrossing season of Jill Soloways show. Transparent started as the story of Morts transition into Maura (Jeffrey Tambor). This season, her familys journey includes a vacation to Israel, where the one constant is their bickering.  ...Read More...

Transparent Season-Finale Recap: To Shell and Back

All hail Judith Light! ...Read More... //