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9 TV Shows Canceled Too Soon

Network executives are the worst. Terrible shows seem to go on forever while truly innovative art is axed after three episodes. Thanks to streaming services, prematurely departed shows are finding life after death, but that doesn't make the cancellations any less frustrating. Here are SideReel's picks for the TV shows that were canceled way too soon. 9 TV Shows Canceled Too Soon Launch Slideshow Which shows do you think should have made the list? Weigh in below! p { text-align: justify; }

ABC Boss on Canceling Trophy Wife, Diversity, and the End of Grey's Anatomy

  ABC President Paul Lee is very excited about the network's new batch of comedies, but atTuesday'sTelevision Critics Association fall previews, he spent some time defending a comedy he had to cancel last year. Lee fielded several questions about the cancellation of Trophy Wife , a low-rated comedy that some critics believed ABC never gave a chance to succeed by putting it in the network's successfulWednesdaynight comedy block. "We were always disappointed... not to get a pulse for it," Lee said...   //

SideReel's Inaugural Summer Binge-Watching List

Summer reading! This yearly ritual designed to make sure your brain doesn't liquify in the July heat hasn't changed much over the last half-century. Sure, the lists may have been updated (if you're lucky), yet the process remains the same. Why not start a revolution?! TV is basically the greatest invention in the history of mankind (I'm not even being hyperbolic), and the staff here at SideReel is firmly of the opinion that it's time to start treating it as the literary medium that it is. We've put together suggestions for replacements to popular entries on summer reading lists. Binge away!   Book: Catcher in the Rye Watch Instead: Bunheads Why: Catcher is about how a self-indulgent boarding school runaway doesn't want to be a "phony." As a self-indulgent boarding school graduate, I can tell you that we're not really that interesting. Teen problems, while seemingly all-encompassing, are actually usually pretty boring—and so is this book. Bunheads , on the other hand, is about serious teen (and adult!) problems, but it's also a goddamn delight to watch, with its snappy, pop culture-y dialogue, dance sequences, and legitimately great performances. Plus, there are only 18 episodes, so you'll breeze through it (and then you'll be sad that there isn't more).   Book: The Hunger Games Watch Instead: The 100 Why: Why skip The Hunger Games , you ask? "I mean, it's a for real cultural phenomenon and the movies are great, and they star my girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence!" — You. I'll let you in on a secret! You should skip reading this best-selling trilogy because we, as a species, have evolved past reading. According to this CW show, in the near-future, instead of pitting teens against each other in a sad, weird, battle to the death, we'll simply jettison 100 of the most attractive ones from our overcrowded and material-lacking space station and see if they survive on the surface of the planet we abandoned after destroying it! I mean, what?! That's some way crazier stuff right there.   Book: The Fault in Our Stars Watch Instead: 16 and Pregnant Why: There's teen tragedy and there's teen tragedy, and while 16 and Pregnant may not have makeout sessions at the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, it WILL leave you with an uncomfortable ulcer on your soul. Real problems on this show include: poverty, homelessness, parental abandonment, and not being able to attend prom. In search of a happy ending? Read the book about teens facing their mortality. Want to feel like society is dying? Watch 16 and Pregnant .   Book: A Song of Ice and Fire Watch Instead: Game of Thrones Why: Honestly? You're never going to finish these books. It is literally impossible.         Book: Gone Girl Watch Instead: True Detective Why: Shifting crime narratives and unreliable narrators are great, and the first season of True Detective can stand up there with any of the best such novels. It's got innovative cinematography, beyond fantastic performances from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, and much like Gone Girl it wants to destroy your faith in humanity! The book may indicate what evil lurks in the hearts of men (and women!), but this show will… uh… show it to you—and you'll like it.   Book: The Kite Runner Watch Instead: Broadchurch Why: Fathers and sons, familial disintegration, guilt, obligation, soul-crushing violence: Broadchurch has it all (with the notable exception of kites). OK, it doesn't take place against the tumultuous backdrop of Afghani politics (it takes place in Britain), but it's all pretty horrifying nonetheless. As a bonus, it stars the internet's favorite Doctor, David Tennant, as a sad, guilt-ridden detective in search of redemption, so… yay(!)(?)   Book: The Help Watch Instead: Mad Men Why: The entire history of America before the 1960s was pretty awful for everyone who wasn't white, male, and Christian. And then, as my mom likes to point out, the Baby Boomers (aka The Most Boastful Generation) changed the world! Both The Help and Mad Men focus on those changes, and if you're really into the idea of revenge via pies made of poop, The Help is for you! If you prefer a more subtle examination of society, Mad Men is the easy choice.   Book: Life of Pi Watch Instead: Adventure Time Why: Magical realism has a long and proud literary tradition, but this mostly comes down to issues of geography. Life of Pi is a tale of morality that takes place almost entirely in the middle of the ocean. While, I mean, sure, who doesn't love being left alone on a raft with nothing but a tiger and her thoughts, some of us might prefer a frozen, post-apocalyptic wasteland that can be wandered in the company of a smart-mouthed, size-shifting dog. Questions of ethics and morality just go down better when vast landscapes (and cartoons) are involved.   Book: Pride and Prejudice Watch Instead: Trophy Wife Why: I'm pretty sure that one of Jane Austen's most famous quotes is "Every single person in the world is a mortifying mess, especially when trying to impress a romantic partner's family and/or when simply existing." I wouldn't Google that or anything, but just take my word for it (I have a lit degree—two actually). Pride and Prejudice is aces as books go, don't get me wrong, but the gone-too-soon Trophy Wife is what Austen wouldhave come up with today. Malin Akerman as a third wife and step-mom who just wants people to think she's cool? A universal story if there ever was one.   Book: The Great Gatsby Watch Instead: House of Cards Why: Beautiful, powerful people doing bad things? Complete corruption? Trials of love and devotion? Moral decay? Cool kid parties? The greatest of Great American Novels might have all of these things, but here's something it doesn't have: bonafide national treasure KEVIN SPACEY WITH A SOUTHERN DRAWL. End. Of. Discussion.     Book: Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore Watch Instead: Penny Dreadful Why: Mr. Penumbra is a book that totally wants to have a cool, vaguely creepy mystery at its core. It utterly fails! Go back to the era of epic gothic weirdness with the terrifically sexy Penny Dreadful . It's got demon sex, vampires, Frankenstein, and it takes place in foggy Victorian London instead of foggy present-day San Francisco. And when was the last time we got to watch a character waste away from tuberculosis? Tuberculosis > no tuberculosis when it comes to creepy mysteries.   Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of Some of her best friends are English teachers. You can follow her musings on  Twitter .

Trophy Wife (ABC) Series Finale 2014 “Mother’s Day”

Trophy Wife  Episode 22 “Mother’s Day” airs Tuesday, May 13th at 9:31-10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Episode Synopsis:  Trophy Wife Episode 22 “Mother’s Day”- Kate is overjoyed when Diane and Jackie offer to let her have the kids on her first Mother’s Day, however, when Kate discovers their hidden agenda — she is determined to get revenge. Meanwhile, Pete slowly buckles under the pressures at work, on the season finale on “Trophy Wife,” TUESDAY, MAY 13 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read More... //


While  ABC renewed several shows today , the news wasn't good for  Trophy Wife , as the freshman comedy series was cancelled. The news was revealed by Trophy Wife star  Marcia Gay Harden  via Twitter. Read More... //

Trophy Wife (ABC) Episode 21 “Back to School”

Trophy Wife  Episode 21 “Back to School” airs Tuesday, May 6th at 9:31-10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Episode Synopsis:  Trophy Wife Episode 21 “Back to School”- Kate begrudgingly agrees to accompany Jackie to her high school reunion, not fully realizing all that it entails. Meanwhile, Pete and Diane take Hillary and Warren to visit a college campus and Bert is left in the care of Meg and Tevin, on “Trophy Wife,” TUESDAY, MAY 6 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read More... //

Trophy Wife (ABC) Episode 20 “There’s No Guy in Team”

Trophy Wife  Episode 20 “There’s No Guy in Team” airs Tuesday, April 29 at 9:31-10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Episode Synopsis:  Trophy Wife Episode 20 “There’s No Guy in Team”- Concerned about Warren’s social life, Kate encourages him to make new friends and get involved in clubs or sports, however, it backfires and now she might have made things worse for him. Elsewhere, Hillary struggles with her art assignment and looks to Jackie for some creative guidance, and Pete teaches Bert the value of money, on “Trophy Wife,” TUESDAY, APRIL 29 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read More... //

TV ratings: 'NCIS' New Orleans spinoff conclusion tops a lackluster Tuesday

Fast National ratings for Tuesday, April 1, 2014It was not a great night for ratings in general Tuesday, as every show was down from its previous new episode. The conclusion to the "NCIS" two-part episode that introduced the New Orleans-based spinoff did well for CBS, earning the top spot of the night, though it was down half a million viewers from last week. Elsewhere, "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" returned from a two-week hiatus down slightly, while "The Mindy Project" returned from a two-month hiatus down over a million viewers. The NBC lineup was also down slightly across the board.CBS came out on top in total viewers, earning an average of 14.5 million viewers and a 9.2 rating/15 share in households. NBC was second with 7.6 million and a 4.9/8, followed by ABC (3.8 million, 2.4/4), FOX (2.2 million, 1.5/2) and The CW (815,000, 0.6/1).In the adults 18-49 demographic, CBS also won with a 2.2, but... //

Trophy Wife’s Michaela Watkins on Her Brief SNL Stint, Modern Divorce, and Crazy Ladies

  On ABC’s wonderful Trophy Wife , Michaela Watkins plays Bradley Whitford’s second of three wives — the one who brought out his hippy-dippy side. The ease with which Watkins embodies the spirit of Jackie speaks to her ease with playing odd, goofy, slightly unhinged people, and her comfort is in high demand. She’s appeared in Wanderlust , Enlightened , and as part of the comedy multiverse that encapsulates friendly shows like Childrens’ Hospital and Kroll Show . We spoke to Watkins about the modern state of divorce and what her brief stint on Saturday Night Live taught her about doubling down with work.   I don’t know how else to put this, but a lot of the characters you play, like Jackie on Trophy Wife , are on the verge of having a nervous breakdown … It’s so funny that you bring that up because just today I was talking to single friends of mine who are dating, and I have to keep telling them not to show all their crazy too early. I realize I love crazy ladies. Of course I don’t like to think of myself as one, but maybe I am too. I dunno. I’m always drawn to them; I think it’s because I’m attracted to people who aren’t in the business of people-pleasing, saying what they really think, not passive-aggressive at all. Maybe women get to a certain age and they no longer have a filter, they’re considered crazy people or something.   Read More... //

Trophy Wife (ABC) Episode 19 “The Minutes”

Trophy Wife  Episode 19 “The Minutes” airs Tuesday, April 8 at 9:31-10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Episode Synopsis:  Trophy Wife Episode 19 “The Minutes”- After Kate saves Diane from choking, she takes over the PTA and finds it harder to navigate than she thought. When faced with blackmail, she turns to Diane to make sure “it’s handled.” Meanwhile, Pete and Jackie confront their former neighbors after they forbid their son to go to the school dance with Hillary, and Warren tries to get Vanessa Hudgens to be his date, on “Trophy Wife,” TUESDAY, APRIL 8 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read More... //