Unsealed: Alien Files Episode Guide

Saturdays, 10:00 PM ET on Destination America

Unsealed: Alien Files is a ground-breaking new show that shines a light on many of these archived alien documents. Each week Unsealed will tackle one compelling alien case by opening these previously off-limits secret files. Based on the newly discovered information we will re-examine evidence and follow developing leads. Unsealed will investigate mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups and breaking alien news from around the world. Thanks to advances in technology, the computer age has created a new type of conspiracy. We will delve into the "photoshopping" of space, the value of Wikileaks, and the role social media plays in alien stories. Finally, we will examine these newly released documents to see how alien visitations may have affected our past, and what influence they may have on our future.

Episode Guide

80 episodes

  • 16 episodes
    16 episodes
    • s4e20First Contact
    • s4e19Artificial Alien Intelligence
    • s4e18Alien Communications
    • s4e17Mars: The Final Frontier
    • s4e16Mass Sightings
    • s4e15Space Shuttle Encounters
    • s4e13Summer of Saucers
    • s4e12Alien Abduction
    • s4e11Enemy Airspace
    • s4e10Finding Aliens
    • s4e9Alien Journeys
    • s4e7Inside UFOs
    • s4e6Seeing Is Believing
    • s4e5The Shoot Down Order
    • s4e2The 1952 Wave
    • s4e1Second Skin
  • 17 episodes
    17 episodes
  • 22 episodes
    22 episodes
  • 25 episodes
    25 episodes