Uta No Prince Sama Episode Guide

With dreams of becoming a composer and someday writing a song for her favorite idol, Haruka Nanami enters the Saotome Academy, a prestigious performing arts school. If successful there, she'll be able to join the Shining Agency after graduation. However, it won't be so easy when Haruka is already surrounded by potential idols and composers. On top of that, her homeroom teacher is a current idol, the headmaster was a record-breaking singer, and the academy itself is an eccentric place where anything could possibly happen. In the end, right at the graduation, two students are to be teamed up by the choice, one will take the role of the idol and the other should be the composer. After being paired up, they will sing a song that was both composed, written and sung by them. If successful, they will join and take the spot as the new Shining Agency debut artists. In addition, romance is strictly prohibited at their school. So which prince of song will be paired with Haruka? Uta no Prince-sama is definitely an exciting modern-day romantic comedy.

Episode Guide

26 episodes

  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes
    • s2e13Serious Love 2000%
      June 26, 2013
    • s2e12He?Vens Gate
      June 19, 2013
    • s2e11Dreamer's Symphony
      June 12, 2013
    • s2e10Crystal Time
      June 5, 2013
    • s2e9We are ST?RISH
      May 29, 2013
    • s2e8Fantasia of the Stars
      May 22, 2013
    • s2e7Promise to Sirius
      May 15, 2013
    • s2e6Orange Rhapsody
      May 8, 2013
    • s2e5Smile Magic
      May 1, 2013
    • s2e4Love Sakura
      April 24, 2013
    • s2e3True Wing
      April 17, 2013
    • s2e2Reincarnation of Love
      April 10, 2013
    • s2e1Poison Kiss
      April 3, 2013
  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes