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"Eastward / Tsurayuki and Kisen"

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Yasuhide is assigned to Mikawa, and prior to departing sends Komachi a letter of his situation. Narihira, Yasuhide and Komachi spend a night together having a moon gazing session, and Komachi writes a poem about her regrets and how old she is getting. Upon suggestion by Narihira, the three decide to travel eastward towards Mount Tsukuba. News of the trio traveling eastward is spread to Kisen, who does not think it is true. Tsurayuki is taking notes as if interviewing him. He also informs of rumors involving Ise Monogatari based on Narihira's adventures. In reaction, he recites a poem based on how Yasuhide visited him once, about people and poetry. Tsurayuki explains how poetry are meant to please emperors (explaining the poetry anthologies collected by them). Teika finishes the episode with the fact the Six Poetic Geniuses lived where poets were not respected, but who continue for their passion of their poems.
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