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"Uta Hen+"

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A plotless filler episode involving the personas of the Hyakunin Isshu and the shenanigans that occur between them, many of them significantly anachronistic: a grand prix race around the Heian capital (using oxen and carts instead of racecars), a television interview (Teika's Room), and a trading card battle: G1 Grand Prix in Heian-kyo: Teika and Yoritsuna comment on the first ox-cart race in the Heian capital. During one of the segments, sake was drunk to one of the bulls and the entire "pit stop" is in a mess. At the end, the only cart that escaped the fighting was Munesada's, but his ox and cart fell to the Kamogawa after the wooden bridge broke down. Teika's Room: A television interview, featuring poets of the Hyakunin Isshu and their personas and histories. Heian card battle: During a segment of Teika's Room, Teika punches Kinto in the face. Assuming that was an attitude problem, Kinto challenges Teika to a card battle, with Teika using the Hyakunin Isshu and Kinto the compilations and divisions of the Thirty-Six Poetry Immortals. In the end, Teika's close victory was disrupted by Tsurayuki, who advices both to become friends instead of fighting. Kinto ask for an autograph from Tsurayuki.
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