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"Yoshitaka and the Daughter of Minamoto no Yasumitsu / Ko no Naishi and Michitaka"

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Yoshitaka is courting a woman of the Minamoto clan, however does not meet her in person and merely writes letters, much to her dismay. Upon almost being killed in a prank, Yoshitaka realises the value of his life, and meets with his lover to elope with her. Yoshitaka writes a poem about his feelings. Michitaka is seeking a wife, and attempts to elope with Ko no Naishi (also named Takako). However, she is suspicious of men and their ambitions and desires, and does not wish to mingle with a noble known for womanising. Michitaka explains that although he was a womaniser, his love for Ko no Naishi is sincere, and that he shall womanise no more. They elope, however Takako still has her fears, and she expresses this in a poem.
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