Valvrave the Liberator
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Valvrave the Liberator

"Marie Set Free"

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As Marie's survival stuns Haruto and L-elf, the Valvraves 03 and 05 become steadily overpowered by the augmented Kirchbaum mechs. Despite Saki's attempts to lure the Dorssian ground forces into the trap, A-drei anticipates L-elf's plan, forcing him to detonate the bombs while H-neun attacks the crevasse. Afterwards, Marie awakens and rushes into the buried Valvrave 01 at the sight of L-elf and the Pino AI explains the nature of her amnesia. Meanwhile, as A-drei and Saki find themselves trapped in another part of the crevasse, he explains their murder of a Dorssian Royalist upon noticing L-elf's markings on the rock face. Elsewhere, the Pino AI explains that Marie was used as a test pilot in the early stages of Project VVV and fed on the Runes of her memories—explaining her amnesia. As things quickly go haywire, L-elf urges Marie to pilot the Valvrave 01 to save her friends. Using Shoko's friendship as motivation, Marie then uses the Valvrave 01 and easily eradicates the Dorssian forces, with her Runes greatly amplifying its abilities—at the cost of her memories. As L-elf and the rest of the New JIORians use the confusion to commandeer a Dorssian transport ship, Akira intercepts a Dorssian Royalist transmission offering to aid them. Finally, the Valvrave 01's Harakiri Blade decimates the remaining Dorssians, subsequently erasing the last of Marie's memories.
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