Wall Street Journal – Food and Drink is a series of online videos, all centered on food and drink, from the Wall Street Journal, which stream over http://online.wsj.com/public/page/news- The videos cover a vast range of topics, the only requirement being that the topics are all related to food and drink. Check out a video about how to brew the perfect cup of iced coffee. Or stay up to date about food industry news, such as the eviction of Grimaldi, a famed pizzeria under the Brooklyn Bridge, or changes in the Department of Health rules which may make it easier for Chinese restaurants to hang their meat for longer periods of time. Find out about new restaurants, a culinary camp for budding top chefs, the best wineries around, how to dine in Paris stores, and how to get healthier. Wall Street Journal – Food and Drink has something interesting for anyone and everyone who eats or drinks—which is everyone.

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