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20 episodes

  • 20 episodes
    20 episodes
    • s1e1226Voyage to Hollow Earth
    • s1e1218A Day in the Eternal Life of Alex Chiu
    • s1e1211Open Up and Say,
    • s1e1204Galactic Messenger
    • s1e1127I Believe That Star Kids Are Our Future
    • s1e1120I Am The Wizard King
    • s1e1113Get a Life Caster! The Story of Justin.T
    • s1e1106Better Wear Your Waders
    • s1e1030The Case of the Bayou Banshee
    • s1e1023The Old Man
    • s1e1016Never Never Again Land
    • s1e1009The Church of Tom Jones
    • s1e318The Spirit of the First Season
    • s1e226Come On, Feel The Noise
    • s1e219The Virtual Sex Machine
    • s1e212Ghost on the Machine
    • s1e205The Alien Scalpel
    • s1e122A Real Witch
    • s1e115Double Crazy With Cheese
    • s1e102Through The Worm Hole