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Wicked Tuna Season 6: New Competition Comes Aboard

Gloucester’s famed blue-fin tuna fishermen are going to be on full display again as season 6 of National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna kicks off again. Last season Captain Dave Carraro of the won the competition with a total catch value of $104,785. Just $174 behind was Capt. Paul Hebert, also of Gloucester, who at one time was part of Carraro’s crew. He now captains his own fishing vessel, the Wicked Pissah. "We won the last three of the five seasons, and this year we are going to have a bigger target on our back now more than ever before," said Carraro of his crew. "We are the New England Patriots of the fleet." According to the Gloucester Times READ MORE...

'Wicked Tuna' Exclusive Clip: It's A New Day & Everyone's Looking For The First Catch

"Wicked Tunas" fifth season will pick up with some captains still struggling after the rough winter season captured in spinoff series "Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks." This season, newcomer Captain P... //

'Wicked Tuna' Season 4 to Premiere Sunday, February 15 on National Geographic Channel

This season, the fish are larger, the competition is tougher and the top spot on the leaderboard is up for grabs once again.  Read More... //