Review of Wonderfalls

An uplifting dramedy about a Niagara Falls tourist-shop clerk whose life is dramatically altered when inanimate figures begin talking to her.
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Jul 8, 2015 8:28PM EDT

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I was really sad when this series was cancelled after just one season back in 2004. Having rewatched the show recently, I can, however, see why it wasn't renewed for a second season. There are many great things in Wonderfalls. It has a very intriguing and capturing general plot, good acting and is both funny and creative. But that's also the weakest point of the show: it wants too much. Its creators can't seem to leave out any possibility for a goofy dialogue or slapstick scene. This way it is often succeeds to be cute and funny, but sometimes becomes just annoyingly silly. Wonderfalls had the potential to be great, but it lacked someone on good on the editing team to be truly convincing. Still, I enjoyed watching it even for a second time after all these years. Oh yeah, and I think the intro music is just awesome! :)))


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