Would I Lie To You?
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Would I Lie To You?

"Episode 2"

Dated Aired: 07/18/2008 (United Kingdom)

Would I Lie To You? S2E2
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With guest panellists Trisha Goddard, Ben Shephard, Frankie Boyle and Rich Hall. David's team win 7 points to 5 Home Truths Trisha Goddard: I'm currently beating Jeremy Kyle 5 to 3 at internet Scrabble (Lie) Ben Shephard: I've been offered £2000 pounds by OK Magazine for my dog's birthday (Lie) Frankie Boyle: I have rated 98% on a psychopath test (True) Ring of Truth David Beckham recites the alphabet backwards before every match (Lie) When filming My, Myself and Irene Jim Carrey missed his dog so much he bought him a three bedroom house near the set (True) This Is My... Trisha: Gareth came on my show to cure his fear of Scotch eggs (True) Rich: Gareth pimped my ride and turned my car into the ultimate fishing mobile. David: Gareth freed me from a theme park ride when my car got stuck Final Round David: This is the lock of snooker star Steve Davis' hair that I bought on eBay (Lie) Frankie: I have written and published a book of love poems (Lie) Lee: This is the coconut that nearly killed me (Lie)
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