Would I Lie To You?
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Would I Lie To You?

"Episode 3"

Date Aired: Jul 25, 2008 (United Kingdom)

Would I Lie To You? S2E3
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With guest panellists Jimmy Carr, Maureen Lipman, Richard Wilson and David Baddiel. Lee's team wins 6 points to 5 Home Truths Maureen Lipman used to work in a circus double-act (Lie) Jimmy Carr had an interview for MI5 (Lie) David Baddiel has snogged two of the Spice Girls (True) Ring of Truth After a visit to Scotland, Paris Hilton demanded her PA only ever speak to her with a Scottish accent. Her PA resigned (Lie) This Is My... Richard: Della danced with me on my exercise video (True) Lee: Della is an estate agent who accidently locked me in a house after a viewing. Jimmy: This is Della, and she is my chiropodist. Final Round David M: I used to buy my Gran a chocolate orange every Christmas until I found seven of them in a draw at her house (Lie) Lee: I have been attacked by a snake charmer and his snake (True) David B: This is the neck brace I wore to get upgraded to 1st Class on an aircraft. There was nothing wrong with me (Lie)
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