60 minutes

The story follows an eclectic group of ordinary people in an extraordinary situation: a collision is imminent with an eight-mile wide comet that’s destined to wipe out all life on Earth. The cast of characters is made up of a British bank manager, an Italian nun, a female death-row inmate, a Five-star U.S. General, a White House civil servant, and a bride with a one-eyed husband 30 years her junior. Together, they hunker beneath the town of Slough, about 20 miles west of London, to watch the end of the world on TV. (previously titled 'You, Me, and the End of the World, the title changed before the pilot aired.)
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Nov 12, 2015 1:17AM EST

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Really good Tale of a Good Lookin middle-aged Priest and a HoT Nun looking for the 2nd Coming of JESUS , and are sent on this Quest with only a Month til the Apocalypse occurs . A Asteroid is on a Direct Path to Earth ,besides our Holy Couple , their is a few more insane Characters stirring this Pot ! You need to watch a few Eps.
b 4 it makes much sense , even then its a Riot ! ....Just sayin'!


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