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young dracula

I love this show it got me hooked to bAD IT LEFT WITH A BAD ENDING MAKING ME WANT MORE THAT SUCKS... I wish they continue the show..

Love it. Something you can really sink your teeth into :o)

Basically this show is about the Dracula's re-locating to suburban civilization after being chased out of Transylvania by an angry mob. Vlad is a boy who just wants to be normal and not become a vampire when he turns 16. Ingrid is 15yr old girl who is as evil as they come (which is exaclty what the count wants) but is ignored becuase shes a girl. This show is amazing. I dont know if its just the bbc humor but it was such a cute and funny show. Count Dracule (Keith-Lee Castle) does an amazing job. Its hilarious how he treats Ingrid because shes a girl and he's stuck in the 16th century. I encourage everyone to watch atleast 1 episode, it will be enough to hook you!