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60 minutes

Based on James Patterson’s best-selling novel, Zoo stars James Wolk (Political Animals) and follows a sudden wave of violent animal attacks against humans taking place across the globe.
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Sep 5, 2015 7:36AM EDT

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Aesthetically speaking, Zoo is a great show for old Animal Kingdom watchers to enjoy (the photography is excellent). As for the plot, Zoo begins episode by episode a bit like the books one of its authors is known for (James Patterson) and as such, felt a slight bit stilted at first despite the solid acting--however, as the plot lines and character interactions deepen as the show traverses the many continents of the world, Zoo becomes increasingly engaging and exciting to watch. A must see by episode 6, the suspense and questions such as "what's next?", "who is there to trust?" and "will there be a cure?" keep me coming back as the show escalates in excitement and intrigue towards its season conclusion. Zoo is well worth watching.


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