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Newly married couple Whitney and Asher are convinced they’re helping to build communities – and save lives – by developing eco-friendly homes for ‘Fliplanthropy,’ their socially conscious new reality show. But behind every on-camera renovation lies a path of off-camera destruction when a hostile makeover, a healthy dose of unreality and a pair of oblivious outsiders collide.

Oddball Nathan Fielder and the incomparable Emma Stone team up for this cringey and compelling new satirical comedy digging into the world of reality television and we can't turn it off.
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Nov 24, 2023 10:47PM EST

Watched the first episode acting awful script rubbish far fetch

Nov 22, 2023 06:58PM EST

I have watched and enjoyed the NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles shows, but the NCIS Sydney one is difficult to like. The lead actress, Olivia Swan who plays the character as gruff and tough but is really very grating on the nerves to watch. The character 'Blue' is deplorable, not very believable. the rest of the characters are okay. The plot though, is very US orientated and not much on the Australia aspect of things. Too bad, it might have had some potential.

Nov 21, 2023 05:36PM EST

As an Australian, so far the first episodes are cringeworthy. Insisting such common stereotypic misconceptions about the local culture and portrait just shy of fools, while playing up the American superiority over all things, it's going to be a hard sell to wait for this to hopefully get to the storyline and entertain.