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Definitely a must-watch series. At first, I didn't know what to expect and thought something of it being like ER or Greys Anatomy. Though to my surprise, the series is British and for me, British television has always had something different about it compared to its North American counterparts. The first episode was okay and so I decided to see if it got better as the series progressed. It definitely did. There is some romance involved in the plot, however, the show is primarily based around the incompetencies of the British healthcare system in regards to doctors and management. It shows that many problems of the system revolve around the bureaucracy and so-called guidelines of working with or between doctor-to-doctor. It is also an interesting insight into how the British healthcare system is arranged - as in regards to the different posts of doctors, nurses and medical students in training. This is all quite different when I compare it to Canada/US medical system. Additionally, other issues are presented in the limelight such as workplace sexual harassment which is a predominant topic in today's society. All in all, Bodies is a great medical drama, comprised of relevant workplace topics, dark humour and graphic scenes. Be aware that as the series progresses the sexually explicit content increases; not always the best depending on how you stomach things. Unfortunately, the series ended too soon, and the final feature-length special was done quite amazingly well, however, I feel like it might have just been better off to leave the story as it was in the 10th episode.