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Katherine McNamara is so bad. I have never seen an actress overacting more than her. The scripts are sooo bad, like "I'm a vampire, I'm repulsive...." "No, you're the same. The same Simon, who can recite every line from a Nicolas Cage movie" Seriously???? The idea was kind of cool. but poorly executed.

Fuller House

I was a bit disappointed about the show. They used a lot of old sketches that worked in the 90's but not now. Come on, yes Candace Cameron Bure hosts The View, and yes she was on Dancing With The Stars, but is not so hilarious to mention it. The characters had almost no development, and became super fake. Come on! Barbie Pet Vet, sorry I mean DJ didn't look fake at all. I was surprise to see that Jodie Sweetin could actually sing. Also she was kind of hot. Andrea, Kimmy, was ok. The Husband Fernando, Juan Pablo Di Pace, is like WTF??? Why does he has to speak broken english??? Can american TV get whiter!!! Latinos don't speak like that, get over it!!!! And the kids???!!! Why were they overacting everything?? I'm J-Money, I'm money-Max??? What was it about the spanglish??? Let's get the latinos involved, mmmm.... I know how!! Let's do a Lucha Libre episode!!! And let's have a Nickelodeon Puppy, I mean kid, say Chalupas all the time. Jaguarito??? WTF???? Do you even know what a Jaguar is? And how should we named the Hispanic characters???? I know let's check google for "100 Most Popular Hispanic Baby Names" here for the girl Ramona, and the Argentinian Stallion should be named "Fernando". Steve looks old fashion and forced into the show. And for deepest emotional moments: the kids are missing their Ken father, sorry Fireman father; and Stephanie cannot have children of her own, so poor sad eternal aunt Steph. No wonder the Olsen twins, didn't want to be a part of it. Everything looks like trying too hard to make it work, but it doesn't.

2 Broke Girls

Really fun show, I love Han and Sophie, great jokes and dumm ex rich blonde. Nice combo