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There are so many shows that I want to watch! Eeek!!

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This is definitely one of the best shows ever. Each character is unique in their own way, but they all mesh really well together. The writers and creators of this show really knew what they were doing when they decided to give this show a chance.

Grace and Frankie

I'm not even half way through watching this show and I love it. The chemistry between Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin is perfect. Plus, I really love seeing Martin Sheen back in a TV show. The switch from watching Sam Waterston on The Newsroom to this was nice. Overall, the main characters are enjoyable and I feel like this story is something that many older people may be able to relate to.


I thought this show was really good. What made it stand out was the format of the show, being played out in "real time." A few of the later seasons (not including the rebooted 9th season) were kind of repetitive to me, but what else do you expect with a show like this? It's a pretty simple plot: terrorists threaten the US, the FBI/CIA messes up and they call in Jack Bauer to save the day. Regardless of that, it was still pretty interesting and kept my attention.