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Documenting Realities

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A Slice Of My Childhood

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A fun, clever show that tells a really long, multilayered classic "d*ck joke wrapped in the constant battle of the sexes. All entangled within the eternal struggle to rule and co-govern life as Norse gods.


Humans is a serious, stylized show that explores both the best and worst of humanity. Tribalism, racism, and prejudices are explored through drama and emotion as man and synths struggle to coexist in modern society.

The characters and the subtext are relatable and captivating. The acting is strong, emotional portrayals. The subjects and situations are heavy but the series is entertaining and addictive.

Altered Carbon

The show is an elevated, intelligent exploration in futurism. As exciting to watch as Blade Runner and the short lived Almost Human. The story is deep, dark and full of emotional complexity dealing with morality and ethics between humanism and technology.