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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time brings a fresh and multi-perspective view on classic fairy-tales as well as adapting and expanding on newer popular culture stories, the latest of which being Disney's Frozen.
The characters are engaging and you come to suspect everyone's motives. But even with the constant storm of troubles and unknown alliances you really want the characters to get their happy ending.
OUaT has the unique ability to make you revile a character in one episode only to feel pity the next or even siding with the "villain". It is a non-stop roller-coaster where anything could happen as long as you believe ^__^

Ground Floor

Ground floor brings a fresh and witty look at the differences in work pressure. The cast has such great chemistry together that you really do care about their character and want things to turn out well for them. With the occasional hat tip to scrubs and Skylar Astin's singing this is fast becoming one of our favourite comedies. Thank you for the laughs :D


Selfie is one of those shows that manages to hit the mark more often than not. Eliza is a lovable yet sometimes absent minded character that the audience connect with and more than anything want her to succeed.
The stories are fun to watch, easy to understand and you even get to walk away with a life lesson at times. Plus getting to see Karen Gillan's smile on a weekly basis is more than worth tuning in for the show ^__^