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If you've ever watched a Housewives franchise, you will love this show and recognize the characters. The reunion special was my favorite episode. Paul Scheer's spoof of Andy Cohen is spot on!


While I do like this show, it has a few things that bother me. Some guests are on far too often, like Doug Benson. And Chris needs to stop laughing so much at his own jokes. On the plus side, I've discovered a lot of comedians I hadn't heard of before through the show (That's one of the reasons I think they need a better variety). The comedians are almost always a funny mix with only a handful of exceptions, and the three that appear always seem to be a good mix of talent that compliment each other's styles well.

Chicago Med

This is the weak link in the Chicago series. The main reason is Dr. Halstead - an awful character, a doctor more concerned with his own ego than his patient's wishes, a man who pushes what he wants onto others whether they are receptive or not (breaking the law at times while doing it), a man who went after a pregnant widow who was still in mourning over her husband who died while on active duty. This man, however, is lauded by the show as the good guy. He isn't the only problem of course. The other characters are either completely inconsistent or overblown caricatures. Oliver Platt's character is the only shining light among them all. A miss for me unless I need to watch because of a crossover with the other, superior Chicago shows.