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Swamp People

Swamp People: Serpent Invasion is in it's 3rd season and airs when regular swamp people airs and I would like to see it listed in Sidereel. This show is very entertaining Troy and Pickle also make a good snake hunting team.


BattleBots World Championship VII Season 8 is currently airing on Discovery channel, This season has been especially good. Don't know why sidereel is not listing it..

The Tracker incorrectly lists this show as season 2 when it is season 03. I love this show, it is so interesting. While it is not all the original crew from snake Island some are on this new season 3 adventure in Bolivia looking for Jesuit gold. I wish we had some closure from the season 2 treasure findings how much did they find? Did they run into any legal issues with that find? Same goes for this search in Bolivia for a different jesuit treasure hord. How much do they find, how much do they have to pay the local heavy equipment operators?