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I have never heard about Roots before (probably being European has something to do with that). This was such a powerful mini-series that made me cry, laugh, cheer and feel pity for all the people who were somehow affected by this historically. What is beyond me is how cruel and stupid we people are, and what will it take for us to understand that. Even if the show wasn't as good as it is, I would still give it a high grade just because of the topic.


We watched this in one breath. It's witty, fast and most important - short! The show has just enough episodes not to become repetative. Not a single character does something stupid or inconsistent. I doubt that I will watch the next season, but this one is 7,5/10!

The Good Fight

I'm going out on a limb giving this a 5 star after watching just one episode, but I can't see it going bad. The Good Wife is one of the best shows I have ever watched, and The Good Fight seems like it will be a great continuation of the story. The cast is amazing, my feminist side is excited about the female leads and the fact I can watch it on HBO is yet another plus. More comments after I have finished the first season.