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Love movies and TV shows, especially good comedy and science fiction, but also drama, crime and some fantasy. Also a few documentaries and reality TV.

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The Expanse

It’s been far too long since Syfy got this much right in a TV show. The Expanse delivers the sci-fi political thriller/space opera I've been waiting for. Battlestar Galactica is likely to be a common comparison, since both shows have epic scopes and futuristic technology that looks lived in. I love it so far!

Z Nation

It's not The Walking Dead, that much should be clear, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Z Nation surprised me by not even trying to copy The Walking Dead, but instead doing its own thing. It's funny, self-aware and has the right amount of campy, but still decent special effects and wacky characters. Where Walking Dead is sometimes very grim, this is more fun and tongue-in-cheek. I like both.

Stranger Things

With its amazing 80s atmosphere and creepy X-files meets E.T feel this show is set to impress. Within its first minutes of run time I could tell I had found something special here in Stranger Things. Its intriguing story gives information at a great pace and I never felt myself getting confused or bored. The characters of the show are the true stars here, the casting is perfect. I'm hooked!