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Modern Family

A series about a contemporary family. All kinds of "modern family" situations are being addressed. A father who has to come to terms with his son being gay, the difficulties of adopting a child, raising 3 children who are totally different from each other, your father being married to a much younger exotic beauty, you name it! Things that are happening more often in reality. The show is hilarious! A must watch.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an amazing show! It's about a chemistry teacher who has gone rogue and takes matters into his own hands. When he suddenly becomes terminally ill he starts cooking Crystal Meth with a former student of his to earn money for his family once he's deceased. However, he gets to live longer than expected and he has to live with the consequences of his decisions. Because of his growing greed and empire he transforms from Walter White into Heisenberg, a frightening antihero. Even though his many futile attempts to quit the business, his adventures continue while his brother-in-law, a DEA officer, is chasing him. The music is very good and fits well into the story. The acting is very impressive, especially from the protagonist himself. I’m not so sure about the spin-off series “Better Call Saul” though. The character Saul Goodman was okay in BB, but I couldn’t care less about his story line. And besides, the series will never be better than Breaking Bad.

The Big Bang Theory

"I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested!" is one of my favourite quotes from this spectacular show. Even though I'm not very good at science and I don't always get the references, it's still funny. I love it how this group of "nerds", or should I say scientists, suddenly become socially awkward when a beautiful woman comes into the picture (something they know absolutely nothing about, which is a first). Through the seasons you see the characters develop immensely, which makes it fun to watch. Don't take Sheldon too seriously and be patient with Penny and all will be A-OK.