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Web Shows

36 Shows

List of shows premiering either online or some other format like Netflix.

Shows Lasting For Five Seasons

12 Shows

List of shows lasting at least five seasons.

Shows Lasting For Three Seasons

16 Shows

List of shows that lasted (at least) three seasons.


18 Shows

List of shows that I have seen that are rated TV-MA. Note: Some shows I couldn't find the rating but I assumed that they were TV-MA or the equivalent based on their…

Female Led Shows

19 Shows

List of shows where the main character, or at least two of the main characters are females. This excludes ensemble shows like Firefly where the cast is half and half.

Shows That I Have Seen Every Episode of

103 Shows

List of the TV shows that I have seen every episode of (only including finished, canceled or otherwise shows that are no longer on air).

Shows to Watch

8 Shows

List of shows that I eventually want to watch.

My Top 10 Favorite Shows

10 Shows

My top 10 favorite shows in no particular order.