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A uni girl who will watch enough tv to put her behind on her proects (:

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Exactly what the title suggests


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A collection of all the connected Marvel universe TV/Netflix shows



Black Mirror

One of the darkest dramas to come off of Channel 4 possibly ever. Charlie Brooker's dark mind will take you everywhere and leave you scared, confused and begging for more. The scary real life elements to this show make you question the world, while also leaving you agreeing that this is the future for humanity. A different plot every episode, but in Brooker's world, they could even be one universal story, just told out of order...

A show relatable to both kids and adults. For the people who grew up watching this show, it hasn't lost its childish charm and hilarity, whilst also still having enough quiet jokes that little kids won't understand, but that the adults will love. Perfect balance for both grown up kids and the little ones, even if they never grew up with it the first time round.


In true Nolan fashion, this series is dramatic, thrill-inducing, psychological thriller, that will grip you intensely and make you never want to stop watching. The cast is phenomenal in their acting, and the casting director could not have chosen anybody more perfect for any of the roles. Every single thing about this series is thought out perfectly so that you can never predict the next big thing.