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Yay! I finally got Follow buttons for people! Downlaoding Opera seemed to be best for this site. Odd choice really.

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I Give Up

18 Shows

Removed from Tracking cause I just don't care enough to clog my tracker with these shows. Some of them were great and just dragged too long. Some of them got annoying…

Worst Opening Theme Song/Monologue

3 Shows

Bad shows sometimes have bad theme songs but so do some good shows. Worse3 is the use of the opening monologue. That doesn't work beyond the first season and sometimes…

Cures for Insomnia

2 Shows

They aren't very good but at least they work faster than sleep meds.

So Bad It's Bad

7 Shows

Not so bad it's funny. Not so bad it is a guilty pleasure. It just bad.

Great Writing

11 Shows

These shows had excellent writers. And writers deserve more credit. But only the good ones.

Best Lead Actress Nominations

5 Shows

We are only a few months into the year and these leading ladies are killing it.

Horrible Parenting

11 Shows

Someone call social services. It's all here: criminals putting their kids at risk, neglecting the kids to go swinging, writing letters to your kid to tell them their…

Disappointing Finales

4 Shows

The fans deserved so much more.

Behaving Badly

17 Shows

Shows where the lead character and some where all the characters are bad people. Yet they are so fun to watch.