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I am a bit of a tv addict.

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Great British Murder Mysteries

11 Shows

A list of my favorite British murder mysteries




If there is one thing the Brit's do right, it is their murder mystery/detective shows. They have been perfecting it for decades and Grantchester is no exception. It is a new and even strange detective pairing, with compelling characters and intriguing mysteries. If you are into this style of drama - it is a must watch!

Chicago PD

I could not get into this show at all! Being a spin-off of Chicago Fire, it is hard to like the PD team because they basically bullied and blackmailed Casey on fire. Then they get their own show on that rocky start and did not climb to any better standing. It is sooooo dry. I’m bored out of my mind when watching this show. Even when there is a crossover with med, fire, or both- I still just avoid watching this segment of the crossover. I tried to include it, at least for those, but I was always disappointed and left unsatisfied. I have cut this show completely from my watchlist, it’s not going to fool me anymore!

Chicago Med

If you want a medical melodrama that pushes into soap opera territory, then this is the show for you. This show had a promising start, it wasn’t the best but it cut the mustard, but as it has gone on, I feel like the writers are being pressured into making things WAY more dramatic than they need to be. It pushes the ridiculous and makes the characters seem less mature than anyone should be. It has gotten schlocky and cheesy, the medical stuff they actually do usually is wrong in some aspect and all the characters I once liked have either been given terribly over dramatic story arcs, or have left the show (good for them!). I feel like the only reason I watch it anymore is because of Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt), but even he can’t lift this show up completely on his shoulders alone. This might be the last season I can handle.