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Queer Eye

This 5 guys are really caring. I love the show! it is like a bit of fresh air :)


I love Grantchester since day one. James Norton and Robson Green are great actors, and they are even better together. The stories, the other characters, Grantchester itself, the fifties, a pleasure to watch.
I didn't know James Norton was leaving the show when I began to watch season 4... so, my first thought was that it couldn't be the same anymore... but what the Dickens! their writers proved me wrong, and they created a many layers story for the new vicar. And Tom Brittney has big shoes to fill. But he is doing it great. So hopeful I am, that I'm writting this review :) Looking forward to the last episode and the next season.

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One of my favorite shows of all time... The acting, the pace, the music involving the scenes and the direction makes this a very unique show...