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Queer Eye

This 5 guys are really caring. I love the show! it is like a bit of fresh air :)


First of all, I never read the comic books or watched any movie about them.
I just finished episode 8, two times (don't worry, no spoilers, promised). And I have this happy relaxing feeling after seen something so completed (in Spanish, I could say 'rounded', like when you draw a circle and the beginning meets perfectly the end)
I remembered the times, where superheroes in movies were played by athletic persons with few or none acting skills. And I think it was with Kenneth Branagh -Shakeasperare actor and director- directing Thor when that changed. I was remembering that while I was enjoying the acting in this for me, the best episode until now.
Not so many years ago, an actress like Regina King as the starring of a super hero series was just an utopia. And before doing this, she won an Oscar.
It is an amazing time, when finally great stories can have the best actors for the roles or even they are created for those actors.
So many great actors together in a great story. As I said, I didn't know Watchmen before this.
I was tracking these actors for years, like Jeremy Irons (everything he did, even 'My fair lady' on stage), Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), Tom Mison (his sweet Mr Bingley in 'Lost in Austen') and nice discoveries like Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, between others...
And the music...
The only problem I see here... next week it is the last episode of the first season... so, enjoy!

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Whiskey Cavalier

Finally, something to smile! Don't get me wrong: I love good dramas and deep scripts... but I needed some witty fun, and I found it. It feels nice :)