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I like this show because it describes the way of life of the Seal Team members (although I would like to know if the real ones agree with the description) and also the selection process to the elite of the elite teams. It adds some more credibility to the fiction. I would have like to see the early selection process, when it is a pure elimination game between already selected candidates.
Globally however, it all seems all a little bit too easy. This is certainly not true and does not add to the credibility of the show. I know that blood, sweat and tears are not very attractive, but war is not Hollywood and a little bit more realism in this show would not have hurt.

The Brave

Well, I will not drop a tear on this show. It is too hollywoodian to my taste and not realistic. The US always wins with no loss whatsoever against Russians, Chinese and many other Al Quaïda like foes. And they interfere anywhere in the world as if the US was at home everywhere. Totally unrealistic. I prefer Seal Team, even if there also everything is so easy for the US special forces. I wonder what the real Seals think of this...