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Star Trek: Discovery

In the spirit of Star Trek TV series from the past, Discovery is going to be a great ride...
Episodes 1 & 2 had me begging for more, this is one of those shows that I wish was on cable, so that the entire series could have been shown today, in its entirety.
PS: The cinematography gives a real movie experience.

Marvel's Daredevil

Marvel's TV universe suffered a setback with this series!
If only episodes 1 through 12 were as good as episode 13. A partial utilization of Rosario Dawson's talent, an over utilization of Deborah Ann Wohl's (TrueBlood), made this a bumpy ride. Unlike Agent Carter and Agents of Shield, the directing suffered add to that, the lead, Charlie Cox, doesn't command our attention. I enjoyed Elden Henson character and major Kudos to Vincent D'Onofrio, his acting brilliance dominates the screen, no villain since since Keith Ledger's Joker has had so much control.

The Orville

This hilarious Trek doppelganger is the best!
Although I have never been a Seth McFarland fan, this vehicle is perfect for him. Conversely, I have always been a fan of Adrianne Palicki, so I am enjoying The Orville.
Most of the drama takes place on a not-so-top-of-the-line exploratory ship in Earth's interstellar Fleet which helps expose the acting chops of Halston Sage (Neighbors,Paper Town) and Scott Grimes (Justified, Republic of Doyle).
All in all this is a great vehicle to jump-start the fall season .