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My All Time Personal Favs!

21 Shows

These are shows that I have watched from start to finish (sometimes repeatedly) and just absolutely love! While there are many shows I've rated 4+ and loved, these are…

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The Crown

Marvelous! I absolutely loved this show, watched almost all of it in a single sitting and am starving for more! Effortless to follow all the political, family, and scandalous drama that is all perfectly balanced with each other. Most dramas fall into the pit of overdoing the drama and becoming unrealistically outrageous, creating a disconnect and a ''soap opera'' feel. The Crown maintains an intense dramatic level without ever crossing that boundary, making the show truly close to the heart, because it still feels realistic.
For anyone who is not particularly fond of overly historic or political dramas, do not shy away from this show! They truly do a wonderful job making it so the viewer doesn't get bogged down by too much of it, yet enough to keep your mind interested!

When Calls the Heart

A great feel good period drama for viewers of all ages with a strong female lead.


Phenomenal show! Action, comedy, romance, drama, intrigue--absolutely brillant! Worth watching it again, I caught onto even more the second time through. At first I didn't think I would like this ''space western'' but an amazing show is an amazing show! I highly recommend this show to anyone. Wish there was more than the 1 season and movie, but it was just too ahead of it's time.