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cry me a river

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Shows that made me cry, like... a lot.

amazing costumes &fashion

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Shows with an amazing costumes, details, fabrics, makeup, old and new fashion style. Eye porn.


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Best of the best tv shows I ever watched. Great casting, amazig writers, just must watch.



This Is Us

I wanted to write a rewiev for this show for a long time now. But now I know that whatever I write it will not be enough. I can say that this is a perfect drama with real characters that we can identify with. I can say that I cry on every episode because I get frustrated when something goes wrong for any of them, that's how much I adore them. I can say that I always prepare myself mentally and arrange my setting before I watch it because I know it will be an intense emotional rollercoaster. I cry with them tears of joy and I want to jump with them of joy when they are happy.
Whatever I say here it won't be enough. Just watch it and you will understand.


"This is Sergeant Gregory Parker with the Strategic Response Unit.."
You will hear this line in every episode. It's like a switch for all the action. When Greg says those words you can be sure they will do everything to handle the situation right.
This tv show may seem like a boring and poor canadian CSI, but it's not. Nowadays there are a tons of shows like CSI LA or NY, Bones in which we see all those crimes, policemen and explosions. And I like them, but there's something in that one that got me. They were all well trained, they know their place in this team and it works great. Of course if there weren't any problems it would be just boring. They all have problems because they are so dedicated to this job, their family life suffers. It's cool to watch a sniper or a sapper on a job.
I loved how the whole team worked together, how they trusted each other. Well they had to rely one another. There is that one episode where (without spoiling anything) someone wanted to destroy their unit, it was very emotional. In other episode Sgt. Greg was in danger and they had to rescue him. See how that one ended. All the deaths were written very good - and by a well written death I mean it touched me, I was crying me eyes out, I felt it in my heart. There are a lot of scenes where they just act with their eyes, face, gestures and it's so good. Their communcation on screen was strong and real.
What I didn't like in this show was that we only got so little from their personal lives. We didn't really got to know them better. Writers gave us some touching family scenes but I felt like that was not enough for me.
So to conclude it is a very good tv show, I don't regret any minute of watching it. Just remember and beware because the series finale is emotional as hell and you will be crawling on the floor and sobbing.


One of the best shows in the history of television. And I can see that I'm not the only one to think that. Just look at the reviews all over the internet. Joss did something amazing. The history, that world that he made up in his head was so unreal. He brought it to life beautifully.
I watched it in a couple days and I was amazed. Of course after the last episode I wanted more but they cancelled it and that decision I can't understand. Anyway..
The characters are so good. We have the captain and the crew where everyone has it's own place and purpose on the ship. And the ship - Serenity - we can count as another cast member/character. All the details are so good. The ship it's kind of a wreck, it's rough, some parts are missing sometimes. But it flies. It's their home. Every cabin reflects a characters personality. The cast was having a good time, as they said in numerous interviews and this friendship was real on and off screen, wchich makes it a joy to watch.
The crew did a really great job putting this set together, I felt like I was on the ship, somewhere on space. I wasn't bored for a second.
Also be careful because the theme song (plus one of the songs form episode "Jaynestown") can stay in your head for ever.

It's a perfect story for every sci-fi fan. You have to watch it.
And then there's a movie..