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Natalie Stacey

I watch too many TV shows. And re-watch the good ones :)

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Tahmoh F*king Penikett

13 Shows

IS IN EVERYTHING. Doesn't play bad guys well, and I am never convinced by his fake accents :| (Thankfully, he's in some damn amazing shows!)

ALWAYS recommend!

26 Shows

Regardless of what you're into - These are all worth it!!!

Comedy about comedy!

3 Shows

Comedy about comedy!




So well made, exploring all mythologies possible in Real life mixed with a good dose of the truly paranormal. Love it love it love it!

24: Live Another Day

Being my previously #1 TV show of all time, of course I welcomed the come back. In execution though, I was not overly impressed. Would it have been better with a full 24 episode list? Who knows. Worth to watch for an ending to the original saga


24.. ah 24.. Was my number 1 TV show of all time. (I like to number these things in my head) Toppled by Battlestar Galactica. Purely for the ending. 24 did not have a good ending. The last season was 12 episodes, rushed and didn't have the flow it did when they had the full 24-hour-episodes - obviously.
24 is a little pro-US government for my liking - but very much backing the underdog - although he's not always the underdog... Kiefer Sutherland - well known - but blew up his name with this show, and fully deserved, entirely great show.