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Natalie Stacey

I watch too many TV shows. And re-watch the good ones :)

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Tahmoh F*king Penikett

13 Shows

IS IN EVERYTHING. Doesn't play bad guys well, and I am never convinced by his fake accents :| (Thankfully, he's in some damn amazing shows!)

ALWAYS recommend!

26 Shows

Regardless of what you're into - These are all worth it!!!

Comedy about comedy!

3 Shows

Comedy about comedy!


9 Shows



4 Shows

They call it a list, there will be only one.

Good, enjoyed

16 Shows

But not an ultimate all time :)

Short, Timely opening credits

10 Shows

No clicking around the bar trying to find the end. Sit back and enjoy the episode!

Unnecessary Long Start Credits

8 Shows

AND if they're put at RANDOM times at the beginning of the show! WTF!?

Is aaallllriiighht

96 Shows

Could be better, not tooo bad, watchable without anything else to watch


10 Shows

Not a great fan of horror/thrillers, but these were good. Nothing scares me!