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I'm a TV addict and I love it!

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I didn't think the concept was going to work as a tv show, but surprisingly enough it does. Because there is a longer period of time going by, the suspense gets higher. Who will be next is not as easy to answer as it is in the movies.

If you like high school drama with a little terror on the side, than this show is for you!

Loved it! You are kind of expecting zombies to come out and kill everyone, but that is not what happens (yet). It seems like and feels like they are building up to something. The atmosphere is good, you can feel the panic start to build and the disbelieve. It has that TWD vibe, but with more civilisation and much more to lose!

Mr Robot

Love this show. It knows how to keep you interested. Elloit (the lead) has trouble seeing the difference between what's in his head and what's real. The viewer is seeing everything from his point of view, so you don't if the man in black are really following him or not.

Elloit's moments of self reflection are raw and haunting.