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I love this show and I have never read a single Green Arrow comic book, don't worry though cause it's not needed. If you never seen it then be prepared for flashbacks to the Island (and other locations I'm assuming) as we viewers learn what Oliver Queen had to endure 5 years of while to the world he was dead. This show is action packed, unpredictable and romantic so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Besides the show and it's amazingness the lead (Stephen Amell) really stays in tune with his fans on his Facebook page and that honestly makes me like it that much more


I admit the first couple episodes were hard to watch, as an African-American woman, but man the story is awesome. I've watched many episodes at the edge of my seat wondering whatbwould happen next. The season finale was awesome and honestly makes me think its a true story, it's that good.

In Plain Sight

I loved this show. There's a lot of cop shows on now and days but In Plain Sight came with a different view... marshalls protecting criminals or victims. Every episode was fantastic to me and I cried at the last one. Andddd I still think Marshall and Mary belonged together.